Nature Diet Cure (NDC) has manufactured foods meant for today’s generation. They are healthy as care has been taken to retain the nutritional properties during the manufacturing process. All are ready to eat, meaning you just need to heat and consume in the comfort of your home. These are being manufactured at a plant by use of retort technology, has been sterilized and vacuum packed. 
The Products are free from preservatives, flavors, colors, food enhancers and additives. All are cent percent natural. NDC has its office and store located in Boopasandra, Bangalore for direct sales, and can be contacted for orders. To know more look up  "NatureDietCure" in Facebook. While NDC will be participating in the upcoming Food events held in Bangalore and other cities,  all will be posted in FB. The food products meet safety and certification standards.

Our Products

Bengali Moong Dhal

Bengali Chana Dhal

Bengali Khichuri

Bengali AluPosto