Bengali Alu Posto

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The recipe Alu Posto is potatoes cooked in a spicy gravy of poppy paste. The dish is purely vegetarian and is eaten  as a dry accompaniment with rice along with some dhal (lentils). It tastes absolutely fabulous when you eat in hot.  This is a high carbohydrate food and hence filling.

Nutritionally, poppy seeds are a good source of protein, dietary fiber and minerals. They contain ingredients that induce sleep. The use of jaggery makes the course even more nourishing.

Ingredients Used

Potatoes, poppy seeds (white), red chili powder, cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, dry red chilies, green chilies, coconut, jaggery, salt, sunflower oil, ghee (clarified butter), water.

Serving Instructions

  • Open the pouch
  • Pour the contents in a microwave dish
  • Heat in microwave for 3 to 4 mins
  • Take the dish out
  • Garnish with Chopped coriander leaves, for extra flavour
  • Eat with plain rice or puri or chapatti