Bengali Chana Dhal

Price: Rs75.00

The recipe Chana Dhal has a thick consistency, unlike other Indian dhals, but this can be adjusted by adding some water,  and then heating up the entire mixture in stove or microwave. Traditionally Cholar dhal (Bengali name for Chana Dhal) is always  accompanied with luchi (puffed indian bread), Kochuri (stuffed and puffed Indian breads), parathas (fried Indian breads)  or Chapatis (dry Indian breads). However, even plain rice would go well with this lentil soup.

Ingredients Used:

Split chick peas, Ginger fresh, Dry red chilies, Bay leaf, Coconut,Turmeric powder, Jaggery, Cumin seeds, Black cumin seeds,  Asafetida, Spice powder mix, Ghee (clarified butter), Sunflower oil, Salt, Water.

Serving Instructions

  • Open the pouch
  • Pour the contents in a microwave dish
  • Heat in microwave for 3 to 4 mins
  • Take the dish out
  • Squeeze lemon and garnish with Chopped coriander leaves for extra flavour
  • Eat with plain rice or puri or chapatti