Bengali Khichuri

Price: Rs75.00

Khichuri is a quick alternative to your regular everyday meal. Rice & lentil being the main ingredients in the dish,  it is packed with proteins, minerals, carbohydrate and other essential nutrients, required for your daily activities.  The reciepe has been hand crafted to the right extent so as to preserve its natural food elements. Hence, it is quite filling  with the right amount of calories.

Ingredients Used:

Boiled rice, raw rice, split yellow moong lentils, cumin seeds, bay leaves, turmeric powder, dry red chilies, coconut fresh, ginger fresh, jaggery, potatoes, roasted spice powder mix, salt, sunflower oil, ghee (clarified butter), water.

Serving Instructions

  • Open the pouch
  • Pour the contents in a microwave dish
  • Heat in microwave for 3 to 4 mins
  • Take the dish out
  • Squeeze lemon and garnish with Chopped coriander leaves
  • Sprinkle some ghee for extra flavour
  • Eat with roasted / fried papad or just plain